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Sunday, June 02, 2013

For The Class Of 2013

I'm glad to
see you go;

    it is time.

Because I'll be
as happy for
your return when
the distance of
time and the
    experiences of life
    can allow appreciation,
rather than loathing,
of this place.

I'm waiting for
you to gain
    wisdom, to return
with thoughtful critiques,
to help make
this place better.

I hope you'll
    bring your experience,
    appreciation, and wisdom
back to town.

When it's time,
I'll be glad

    for your return.

So many are
off for an
adventure. Your lives
    will require courage
I'm not sure
I have; there
will be much
you can teach.

Perhaps you'll find
that courage in
a rigid sense
    of dedication. or
    in quiet optimism
that says, "This
isn't so bad."

When your travels
bring you near,
stop and share
    your adventures and 
    the courage, dedication,
    and optimism discovered.

    The future awaits;
I'm glad to
see you go.

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