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Saturday, June 29, 2013

New Poem - Pink Plastic Scooter

At the far corner
of the lawn
it stands alone.
    And where did
    your mind go?
The white and pink
plastic tassels
flutter in the wind.
    But why do
    you think so?
The river is high
across the street, and
the boats of foam float
down stream.
    So, now you
    think I'm unfair?
A little, yellow car
rolls by; the driver
ignores it all.
    And who are
    you to judge?

Tomorrow all the toys
will be gone
from the yard.
    And do you
    know why?
The hydrant will
be painted and the curb
will be swept.
    But you need
    to know more?
Perhaps some boy will
walk down the street
singing a song.
    So, the story
    is resolved?
The lawnmower
sits idle in
tomorrow evening's sun.
    And do you realize now
    it is all in your mind?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Marks - Poem With Photo

Click the image to see it larger.  It is interesting that I had to up the "clarity" on my shoulder to make the marks as visible in the image as they are to me.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

New Poem - Marks

Beaches after the ocean has receded,
        my striated shoulders marked
                    by the surging of the waves.

Once so fat, I now have stretch marks
        on my shoulders, a record carved by
                    the flow of tears. 

These are the least grotesque remnants
        of an old self; they are beautiful
                    as reminders. 

No tattoos, but I have these. 
        Not the results of artful choices but
            the consequence of bad decisions,

I rub ink on my body and press it to paper;
                    the story is one of regret.
For the Greater Madison Writing Project Summer Institute, I have to show up with three different genre pieces that show some aspect of who I am.  I think this might be the poem I use.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

For The Class Of 2013

I'm glad to
see you go;

    it is time.

Because I'll be
as happy for
your return when
the distance of
time and the
    experiences of life
    can allow appreciation,
rather than loathing,
of this place.

I'm waiting for
you to gain
    wisdom, to return
with thoughtful critiques,
to help make
this place better.

I hope you'll
    bring your experience,
    appreciation, and wisdom
back to town.

When it's time,
I'll be glad

    for your return.

So many are
off for an
adventure. Your lives
    will require courage
I'm not sure
I have; there
will be much
you can teach.

Perhaps you'll find
that courage in
a rigid sense
    of dedication. or
    in quiet optimism
that says, "This
isn't so bad."

When your travels
bring you near,
stop and share
    your adventures and 
    the courage, dedication,
    and optimism discovered.

    The future awaits;
I'm glad to
see you go.