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Sunday, May 05, 2013

New Poem - The Richness I Possess

I do because I can;
     I know the power of a life,
        the wisdom of a whisper, and
            the rightness of joy

                - however brief.

I care because
    I have been cared about and
        know the power of sheltering arms,            
            comforting words, and
                generous actions
                    - however humble.

I speak truth because
    I know the hurtful power of lies,
        the destruction of deception, and
            the pain of being mislead

                - however well intentioned.

I appreciate because
    I have crafted my own art and
        know the power of loving praise,          
            honest critiques, and
                public display

                    - however small the audience.

I own the world because
    I know it, have laid a claim to it,
        logged it in my ledger, and
            defend the place where I stand

                - however small my footprint.


The above poem was started as part of a writing prompt given at my orientation for the Greater Madison Writing Project's summer institute.  We were told to respond to these quotes from Brenda Ueland: "the ways you possess richness...the much-much that is in you...call out and know it and write it." 

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