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Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Poem - Valentine's Morning 2013

Startled awake,
                         waking with a gasp
                                                       at 1:43 am,

to learn this is the
                                        time of day.

What was I dreaming?

I want to be held.
                             My eyes refuse to close.
I need to be consoled. 
                                    My mind is racing.
I want to cry.

Can't I go back to sleep?
                                        Was I dreaming?

I miss you,
whom was there,
                           as I anticipate you,
                           whom will be here in the future.

In college I would get up
                                      at this time and walk;
it is this hour when the
                                  street lamp
                                                    is brightest.

A light snow is falling;
                                  a sparkle on the world that
reveals whether you
have been by my door.

I know you have;
                            I dream you will.

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