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Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Poem - Dancing in Plato's Cave

Lights from
adjoining rooms
cast a
shadow collage
on living
room walls,
                   my life,
a gray
          scale tableau.  

The men
in Plato's
cave have
casting shadows; 
                           I've many.

My form
on closed
blinds is
doubled and
overlaps, is
                  layered and
multiplied, is
closer to
whole and
complete, is
                   nearly one
                   and true
like my
self image.

I try
to push
my shades
                 together.  They
are not
solid as
they appear;
             the man          
             who leaves
             the cave
             learns this
             truth too. 

To make
a single
must move
the lights
or stand
             in a
                    different place. 

If I want more
than a solid outline
of myself, my life,
I must dance around
the fire - throwing my
likeness on every wall.

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