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Sunday, December 30, 2012

When I Tell You

A Glowing Heart
"What we will never
have has to be
replaced by contentment."
I woke up
full of love;
I don’t know
if you ripped it up,
if I threw it away,
of if we both just
gave up.

When I tell you the
details of my day
I am looking for validation,
for someone to say it is
not crazy to feel
this way.

You get angry
and overwhelmed
by my over analysis

(Is that you saying,
"I don’t care?");

it is saying,
"You are wrong."

I touch you with love
but the hurt and pain
come from somewhere
other than
me or you
and yet the anger
and the fear are
aimed at me.

I get angry;
I get confused.
It is like saying,
"I don't love you."

It is saying,
"You are wrong."

What we will never
have has to be
replaced by contentment.

The Collected Chaff, v. 1.0

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