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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Photo & Poem - Speak, Girl, Speak

I hold my brindle
best friend in my arms
as you did so often.

I ask her if she
remembers any secrets
you told her.

I know you had
with the animals.

I loved that
about you;

I try to talk to them
too, but
they don't speak to me.

When I call,
"Hi there little birds,"
the flock flies away.

I also still
tend to hug
the cats till
they cry.

Our dog
is always by my side.
The cats
rush to climb
on me when
I come home.

Am I sad for them,
or me,
or you
that I am only
a suitable substitute
for you
in their minds?

They are full of life
and love,

but I must
prepare for
the day
I have to hold them
in my arms and


to them

the way

I lied

to you.

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