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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Poem - The Last Time

I felt your heart so close to mine.
And I know our joy would fill the earth,
And last till the end of time, my love.

      -Ewan MacColl

Today was the first day in months I sought
out our song and the memories it brings.
I first sang this song eight years ago as
a living room duet with Johnny Cash
and my arms wrapped around you. Now I add:

    The last time ever I saw your face,
    I thought the world would come to an end.
    And the days and nights that have come since then
    are unfair without you here, my love.

MacColl did not tell the whole story of
a romance. Death is, however, part of
love. Yes, it is implied and too morbid
for a love song. You are too important
to ignore any part of your story.

    The last time ever I spoke to you,
    I thought you told me, "It'll be okay,"
    with only your eyes since you could not speak.
    How cruel can life be, my love?

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