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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Poem - Maudlin Meditations

I don't have
"happy" days anymore,
only days in
which I make
it back to
bed after sixteen
waking hours without
an emotional trauma.

Do the cats
you when I
give them the treats you used to give them? How would I know?

A sleepless, feverish
night allows the
sorrow of five
months to escape
in an oozing
eruption of sobbing,
weeping, and whimpering.

What do I
to make you
stay real and complete in my mind? Does the pain come from
remembering more or less?

The world continues,
so I have to
change, and you
remain the same;
I have lost
my co-pilot and
the world has
lost a friend.

Will I ever
a reason to
be grateful to be alive? If I do, does it really count since I can't
share it with you?

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