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Friday, September 10, 2010

Poem - How Do I Look?

Will I make it
through the day
without you there
in the morning
to tell me
I look handsome?
I never thought I was handsome
but I believed; all that mattered
was what you thought.

Where will my strength and confidence come from?

Can I make it
through the day
knowing you are
not waiting for
me to come
home at lunch time?
You shaped my days in so many
ways; I needed that. Without my
love I wonder

where my sense of urgency will come from?

Do I make it
through the day
without reward,
returning home
for your love?
I "muddle through somehow" as the
lyric goes. All the songs connect to
you now, I think.

Why did you leave me alone with so many sad songs?

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