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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Poem - The Desire for Normal

is the the alarm clock
going off to wake you up,
seeing the people you know
making small talk
just to be polite,
and the other daily encounters
with the beauty
and ugliness
of human life.

When all of that
is replaced
by confusion,
the unknown,
and fear
you long for
one boring meeting.

Little in life
will make you ache
to sit with a co-worker
who you hate
only to have another
boring, pointless conversation.

Normal is only
important when
you don't have it.

Normal, "the norm,"
is also what
is accepted;
there is a proper
way to act,
and think.

When you are not
or cannot be so
you envy those who are;
you long most
to be those you
dislike most.

Truth doesn't help either;
normal is only
a statistical term referring
to "average"
or the cluster
of results in
the middle
of a graph.

When you don't have it,
or when you aren't normal
you will deny,
and connive
for just a little piece
of normal.

You will even grasp onto
the hope for normal
until it is yanked
from your fingers
and they bleed.

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