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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Poem - Care Givers

(dedicated to the staff of four center)

When she yelled out in pain
I know you comforted her.
At times her pain
became your pain;
you were desperate
to help her and
disappointed when
you could not.

At 2:00 am when she wanted ice
I know you brought it to her
with a spoon.
Often you also had to help
feed her the ice chips.
My heart is warmed by the
cool relief you brought her.

When she needed a sympathetic ear
I know you listened.
You made no judgments of her.
Often you comforted her and
gave her a reason to let
some of her anxiety go.

When I cried out with her last breath
you were there to comfort me.

And many of you joined me
in sadness.

And many of you joined me
in my relief that
her pain was gone.

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