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Friday, July 09, 2010

11:30 PM Check-In at Royal River

I pushed almost all the way back to the east side of SD. I got off
I90 at 37 and took 34 to Flandreau, SD.

Most of 34 goes through swamp/marsh land. This means that the
bugs were literally in clouds. When I stopped in Madison, SD I had to
scrape off the windshield and refill my washer fluid. This picture
shows the cloud of bugs (mostly mayflies) flying around the light at
the gas station.

Flandreau is where the Royal River Casino and Hotel iS located. They have great rooms
for only $50 a night. However, I didn't know the last 20 miles of 34
leading into Flandreau was "Rough". Massive portions of it
were no longer paved but were only gravel.

Travel is supposed to be an adventure right?

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