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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Graduation 2007 - Final Assignment

So you've made it.
YOU have reached the peak!
The last four years flew by
and you sailed through with
flying colors.

Or you didn't.

YOU just barely scraped by.
The last assignment you had to do
was turned in just 30 minutes before
the principal made his final decision on
whether you could walk with your class or not.

And I want you to know that the
valedictorian thing is backwards.
I know that he/she/they worked very hard;
he/she/they deserve praise and accolades.

But for Their benefit it should be the one who
had to fight the hardest, the one who
overcame the most who
should be speaking here today.

Even if you, the hardest worker, could find the
courage to stand in front of this group,
what would you say?

Well, for starters you wouldn't be so obnoxiously perky;
you just finished a marathon and you are tired.
That would be the place to start. Tell us what
you have learned about working hard,
about working through the pain,
about giving up and then getting back up.

This is something that some of the valedictorians
won't have any experience with;
they were blessed with good homes, good brains, and lots of luck.
You could paint a picture for them of what it means to fail
miserably even when you are doing
the best you could do in that moment.

Time for your final assignment:
Prepare and rehearse your story of success
and then never hesitate to share your
secrets to overcoming adversity.