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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

September 2004 Trip

Colleen and I got home last night after taking an extended weekend trip. Friday we went to the Milwaukee County Zoo. I had only been to that zoo once before and that was on a cold, rainy, November day several years ago. It was an awesome time. I was even able to ride the zoo train. The painting pictured above is located in the Peck Welcome Center.

Friday and Saturday night we stayed in the Embassy Suites in Brookfield.

Saturday we went to the Indian Summer Festival. This was great. Lots of good food, great vendors, and amazing cultural exhibits.

Sunday we drove to Sturgeon Bay in Door County. We spent the night there because I had an interview on Monday in Algoma at the high school.

Monday before the interview we went to the Door County Maritime Museum. Lots of neat info and artifacts there. I have more pictures here (under September 2004 in archives).

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