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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Week In Review

Wow! It has been over a week since I entered anything here. So a quick week in review.
I was supposed to interview in Spring Valley at the middle/high school. I cancelled the interview, for many reasons. Too far away, little opportunity for my wife in the area, etc. The biggest reason is that something was fishy about the place. They lied about names of contact people and times for the interview. Not a good way to start.
I went to Madison Area Technical College (MATC) in Reedsburg to apply for a teaching job. Just one class a week but it would be in the education field. Work, work, work.
Work, work, work.
This was our first Saturday off in quite some time so Colleen and I went to the Princeton flea market. We bought a Carter family CD, the movie Mystic River, some ceramic beads supposedly made in Africa, beef sticks, and some veggies. Then we did our weekly grocery shopping. A very nice day out.
Drove out to my parents to drop off a birthday present for my brother. Had a quiet afternoon at home. Started rearranging our apartment. Sometimes you just need a change.
Waterford called; no good news. However, I got a call from MATC about the job I applied for. Sounds like a done deal but I have to talk with the dean on Thursday to finalize the plans. Work, work, work.
I finished rearranging our apartment. Work, work, work.

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