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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Poem - At A Time Of Having Too Much

The gray dust has settled in front
of the black wall,
in our hair,
in our eyes,
in our lungs;

And we have now completed the harvest
The grain and the chaff have all been separated.
We wear the dust of separation.
The full baskets sat before us
in the cool dawn and
when we picked them up to
toss the contents into the air
you showed me
just how high to throw them.
And there was a lot of chaff.

Children playing in the leaves of fall
We scattered it around us and over all the fields
With the help of the wind.
And this chaff was a lot of waste;
It concerned us.

But you gave me the most important lesson:
There will be a few sprouts here and there
in the fields next spring
and we will be timid around them
as we plow to plant a new crop.

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