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Tuesday, July 20, 2004


I had a good weekend with Colleen.  Sunday morning we went for a walk around town.  We lit a candle at the shrine near the Catholic church in town (neither of us is Catholic).  Lots of people we are worried about now; it felt like a good thing to do.  Though we did find it interesting that the shrine had two boxes with signs that read "deposit $3.00 to light a prayer candle."  Faith on the honesty system.  We joked that we could pick three people to light it for then.  A dollar a person.  Actually we figured that this was because Wisconsin Dells is a tourist town; and if there isn't a sign saying that you have to pay the tourists will take advantage of it.  In the afternoon we went to my parent's house and visited.  I finished setting up my parent's computer.  I had to format the hard drive and reinstall windows after it refused to work properly. 
Monday I mailed out some job applications and then I applied for a job at Econoprint.  Then we went to the Wisconsin Opry Craft and Antique Mall.  This was alot of fun.  I love looking at old stuff.  It is fun to figure out what something is that you can't immediately identify.  And usually I find out that it was something that was important for everyday life.  Interesting how things become unimportant so quickly.  I found an old, autographed poetry chapbook.  Got it for $0.84.  Now it is Tuesday and I am back at work.

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